HP ILO – Software for Supporting Servers Remotely

HP ILO – Software for Supporting Servers

Today, one of the most effective tools for remote control and support of servers is HP ILO Management. Any purchase of a new server whether it is for virtualization of for a specific application should be purchased with a license for ILO.

HP ILO assists in Server Remote Access for Support.

HP ILO assists in Server Remote Access for Support.

The basic license come with the HP server but the cost of the advanced settings is minimal for the benefits gained form having this important tool for server support and recovery.  The basic license permits remote access to the server’s status and hardware. It will permit an admin to see hardware status and other important information regarding the server’s current health status including logs all remotely. The missing feature which I find to be so important is the remote controls access.

With the advanced license an admin can not only benefit from the basic features but will also have control access to the server without being at the location of the server. This has become increasingly important as many more companies have moved to cloud, hosted or using co-lo and off-site data centers for their hardware. enabling this feature is an upgrade and with are more access of a bare-bone server can be achieved to configure the drives in a RAID volume and also permits the installation of an operating system without having to be present. A server for example can be shipped to a location and with ILO pre-configured (which saves some time) or not, gain remote access to it to apply firmware updates, and configure drives and install an operating system. This remote access and support is similar to software for online desktop remote support software and software for online desktop remote support in that it permits access and control of a system from a distant location. Often, the remote access is from the internet but is not exclusive to web based access. Remote access can be on a local area network.

Remote Support Software

Image From Dell.com

Similar to HP’s ILO, Dell has their DRAC (Dell Remote Access Card) interface for managing servers remotely.
Image From Dell.com.

Overall, HP ILO Management is an outstanding tool for accessing a server when it first deployed, has an issue and will not boot into the installed standard operating system which can be VMware , Windows, Linux or other. It is also invaluable for remote access to update the hardware without having to be onsite. The remote accessibility of the server’s console can increase support levels and help training and team access to a server to solve an issue to setup a server remotely. As online remote support software or an installation tool for remote access to install and configure a new server, HP ILO management Advanced supplies administrators a tool for which to access servers of all types. ILO is available on tower , rack and blade center servers. It is available from entry level to powerful enterprise server hardware. It is worth the cost of the advanced license.

Dell BCM or iDRAC is also provides administrators with the ability to access the remote control of a server over the network and over the Internet. Web based access to the console of a server is similar to HP’s ILO. It is analigus and very much similar to web based remote support software for online desktop remote control support. With a browser, system administrators and support personnel can access and control the console of the server pre-installation and post installation. A server can have no drives or un-configured drives. The server hardware can be experiencing a problem and needs diagnostic utilities run like Dell’s Server diagnostic tools part of Dell’s Systems Management. All can be done remotely, through the web on on the local area network.  Obtaining iDRAC or DRAc cards for your server is well worth the investment in technology.


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Work in technology field, touch many types of technologies from Exchange servers, to Citrix XenApp, virtualization like vmware, xenserver, MS hyper-V. Install servers, server apps, blackberry servers, networking hardware like Cisco switches routers, ASA firewalls, Sonicwall firewalls, and of course all levels of Microsoft from AD, DNS, to even desktops.
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4 Responses to HP ILO – Software for Supporting Servers Remotely

  1. techg says:

    We use a web based management application for monitoring and maintaining our users and client’s computers,desktops, and servers. The management software comes with remote support software built into it. The remote support software allows us to connect to the console of the remote computers and PC desktops. We provide support online to our users using this tool. There are times that we are unable to connect or we have to provide support to clients that are not part of our information technology plan. For these connections we use other online remote support software applications to connect to these computers through the web. The web provides us with a method to administer and maintain computers that are not on our network .We provide information technology support using the web daily. HP lights out technology gives us console access and remote control of server through the web too. We keep our management software agents on servers as well but as anyone who works in the field of support knows there are times where servers needs a different level of support than do desktops. We are able to remote into PC desktops and fix nearly any problem a user is having with remote support software. Online remote support software permits us to have remote control of the remote computer. With servers, the console access is independent form the operating system. We are able to add drives and a raid volume both through management tools from the server itself or remotely but there are times where we need access to a server before it actually boots to an operating system. Remote control access through the web using a browser and remote connections with light out by HP or dell remote access technology unlike standard remote support software lets us have access to servers with the server having to boot into an operating system like windows server. Although there is an added cost to enable remote control on server, it is well worth the cots. Having this remote support software access remotely keeps us from having to deploy field engineers each time there is an issue that demands access to the physical system. Remote support software by 4RemoteSupport gives us online remote control access to these servers as well. Remote support software by 4RemoteSupport like HP iLO and Dell DRAC permits remote control access and full remote control of the server or desktop. Unlike Microsoft RDP, 4RemoteSupport’s remote support software is full screen sharing. Web based remote control access of desktops, servers, and PC through the web by software other than the built-in management software remote control application keeps our licensing down too. The management software has an associated cost per computer, desktop and server. When we need to support computers that are outside of our management software or are for clients that are not currently added to the management services, using other online remote support software for remote desktop control access helps keep our costs down. In addition, using web based remote control desktop applications like 4RemoteSupport we are able to make the initial connection at times to add additional tools and at times our agent installation package.

  2. Dell Support g says:

    We often use remote support software and iLO and DRAC for installing vmware esxi or on servers remotely. We access the console of the server remotely from a computer that is already managed by us on the same network .we connect through the web to our online remote support software that is already running as a process on a computer desktop or another server on the network . Then we connect using ILO or DRAC to the new server or the server that requires and update. We use a web browser, login to the the interface for managing the server the start the remote control add-on interface. A separate remote control console window opens in the browser or in some version a separate small application. The new remote support browser window or separate process with the remote console displayed inside allows us access to the server properties and boot-up options. We then connect our DVD or CD installation media to the remote control session and run the installation. this method for updating surpasses having to go onsite and per form the same actions.

  3. granttech says:

    For computer remote control over the web we use a variety of products and services. The undeniable positive results from using computer remote control software over the web is the faster technical support we can provide our clients. With our managed services component to our business, we have SLA (Service Level Agreements) commitments that we have to meet. These SLA commitments should be met and is anticipated to be met by our clients. Our client get technical support fast through the web by us utilizing computer remote control through the web.

  4. gt-tech says:

    We use iLO for remote control. The remote console connections have saved us a tremendous amount of time traveling to client’s offices to work on issues. Since iLO and Dell DRAC are most associated with servers, when there is a problem with a server it is usually critical. For example, today we had a server go offline in our managed services software, meaning the installed agent failed to check-in with the management server. The server had crashed – literally. The server was offline and the only way we had access to it to work out the issue was through iLO. We had other servers and desktop on the remote network from which we were able to start an iLO remote control console. Of course this server was older and had iLO 2. This is usually not a problem but we had to newer 2012 servers with Internet explorer 11 and later version of Chrome and Java. We were connecting with software that was much newer than the remote control technology deployed with the server which was from 2006. The remote control console gives us the full access we need. The client was about 45 miles away in a city area. Travel time to get there would have been an hour and a half minimum. With computer remote control through the web, we were on the server in about 30 minutes once we had overcome the editions or the tools we were using. We used another desktop to remotely connect to the iLO interface and remote control console. the desktop pwe had to use was IE9 and had an older version of Java already installed. The latest version of Java is much more secure so many applications developed with the less secure edition fail to work with the new editions of the software. The remote console of Ilo and DRAC have options for remote controlling. One of the options is active-x and the other is via Java. In our case, the situation was the Active-x remote control console connection would connect but all we could do was view the remote session. The java remote control connection did not come up at all.

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