Automatic Detection of Intranet not Working



Internet Explorer Automatic detection of Intranet not Working.

The default browser behavior is to automatically detect if a server or desktop is on the loca network, the intranet. There are many times where this detections does not work or works imporperly. If the domain suffix is used along with the host name for a network shre or a web site providing a service on the local network, the browser’s detection assumes or determines it is not an Intranet site but instead an Internet site. This causes problems with shortcuts that are on the desktop or start menu of client computers.

A warning is displayed indicating that the program is not from a trusted source and requires input, a click, to allow the shortcut to run. This degrades the user experience.

To make Intranet autiodetection work properlym, enabl the “tuen on automatic detection of Intranet” group policy setting. Even though it is on by default in the browser, this allows proper detection of internal FQDN names.


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