Check the Status of Drives in VMware ESX 5 Hosts Console SSH



Get Hard Drive through SSH to VMware ESXi 5 Host with HP image

The vmware host is version 5.0.1 of ESXi and is an HP bundle of Vmware. This is an adavantage because the nessesary binaries are already present on the host’s file system that will enable querying the drive and colume status and display the details.

Check Individul Drive Status after Connecting to the Server Console with SSH

A simple command line will reveal the status of the RAID and all individual drives in the logical volumes.  in the Vsphere client we are abl to see the hardware status of the host HP server but not indivudual drives. To accomplish this to support the server and it’s drives, SSH to the hosts management ip address and run the HP command line to return the results of the drive status.

Command Line to Display Drive Status of ESX 5 on HP DL server

Once connected with putty or Secure CRT for example, run the following command to reveal the drive status.

esxcli hpacucli cmd -q “controller slot=0 show config detail”

HP DL380 G7 with Vmware ESX 5 iLO 3

HP iLO is an exceptional support tool for HP servers. In this case the logical volume health status was displayed but not the individual drive status. Because this HP server is a DL 380 G7 (gen 7) it came with iLO 3. iLo three does not have the feature or ability to view individualdrive status within the logical volume array. iLO 4, shipped with G8 (gen 8) can display the drive information within the logical volume. iLO 3 still have remote control capabilities for support – the console of the server can be viewed remotely and the tech-support person has full remote control of the system online.


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1 Response to Check the Status of Drives in VMware ESX 5 Hosts Console SSH

  1. pctechgo says:

    awesome, used this command line on a HP DL 380 G7 today. Theserevr had two failed drives and one drive in “predictive failure ‘ status.

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