Copy of Windows is not Genuine Rearm Windows Server 2008 Extend Evaluation

Windows 2008 Server is not Genuine. Extend grace/evaluation period for Windows server 2008.

Windows 2008 Server is not Genuine. Extend grace/evaluation period for Windows server 2008.


This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine – Windows 2008 Server.

Rearm Extend Windows 2008 Server

Extend the evaluation/grace period without violating EULA. Run the rearm command from a an elevated command prompt and extend the evaluation grace period for windows 2008 Server.  As shown in the image, in this post. the command is simple at effective. It takes affect immediately.

Start an Elevated command prompt and then enter “slmgr -rearm”  without the quotes.

The command completes in second and removes the following from the desktop. This is particularly useful when testing or demoing Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop or Virtual Desktops including RDS desktops.





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Work in technology field, touch many types of technologies from Exchange servers, to Citrix XenApp, virtualization like vmware, xenserver, MS hyper-V. Install servers, server apps, blackberry servers, networking hardware like Cisco switches routers, ASA firewalls, Sonicwall firewalls, and of course all levels of Microsoft from AD, DNS, to even desktops.
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2 Responses to Copy of Windows is not Genuine Rearm Windows Server 2008 Extend Evaluation

  1. The command to rearm windows works perfectly. It has. One in very useful many times for me. I setup servers to test applications and configurations often. Many time the evaluation period comes to an end too soon. The ream command is usefulin these situations as it allows the extended use of the server. Being able to extend the period of time is useful for support. Support of computers and servers with various applications is tried and tested on servers and desktop by testing. In particular, with vdi. VDI often requires a base image fto be created and many vdi installations use the server operating system as the desktop OS. Because the server is used as a desktop OS, extra testing is needed for both application responds and for security. Also settings that are applied using group policy for example need to be tested. Before a roll-out to real users,it is best to setup the image in advance and test policy and functionality. Often, this goes past the initiative trial period of the operating system so rearming helps extend the usability of the system.

  2. Dell Support says:

    Unlike some older version of the Windows operating system. I like how Microsoft allows the extension of re-arm and evaluation status of the systems. This is much better than making the operating system just stop working or preventing log-ins. I recall where a client was not able to log into their Windows server once the evaluation term has expired. It was Windows 2003 Server, not 2008 server or 2012. Windows 2003 did not have the slmgr.vbs scripts and capabilities that Windows 2008 and Windows 2012 have. The licensing of server is similar to the desktop operating systems of Windows 7 and Windows 8. They can be activated online through the web. Re-arming can be accomplished without Internet access as well as Activation. Activation can be accomplished without line online Internet access by calling Microsoft to obtain the the necessary information to activate the product.

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